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ICIM drives behavioural changes. Changes necessary for adopting new technology and making more climate friendly lifestyle choices. If you have a project that includes a need for behavioural changes – we can help you succeed.
Ambitious environmental goals = new technology + behavioural change. Welcome to ICIM – The Institute of Climate Impact Measurement

In focus

The power of consumer choice

Posted by: ICIM

Listen to Sandy Reisky at Generation 180 explain how clean energy is taking off (YouTube video) Generation 180 is an American non-profit promoting energy awareness to reduce our climate impact. Sandy Reisky in his address to the CCL emphasises the power we have as consumers to make lifestyle choices that… Read More »

ICIM and MKB launch Project ”Every Drop”

Posted by: ICIM

Today, 1 October, ICIM and Malmö Kommunala Bostäder (MKB) launch the project Every Drop. The aim of the project is to encourage residents in two housing areas in Malmö, Sweden to save energy by reducing the use of hot water. The saving will be donated by MKB to local schoolchildren… Read More »

Work at home on May 3rd for reduced emissions

Posted by: ICIM

May 3rd is work at home day in Sweden – for reduced climate impact, increased productivity and increased quality of life. Work at home day is promoted by Fores and supported by Microsoft. The aim of work at home day is to stimulate employers and employees to explore how they… Read More »

IPCC report says emissions must fall soon

Posted by: ICIM

The latest reporton the state of the climate was released in Copenhagen on Sunday November 2nd by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). It is the work of thousands of scientists and was agreed after negotiations by the world’s governments. It is the first IPCC report since 2007… Read More »

How we can help you

If your company, local authority or organisation has a project with goals to reduce climate impacts or energy use then we can help you establish benchmarks and feedback to reinforce the behaviour you are looking for.

We are experienced consultants used to working with change management, project & portfolio management, marketing, communication, IT and environmental technology.

ICIM can help you in the following situations:

  • You plan to introduce new technology, systems that require a change in behaviour to be effective
  • You need to analyse your current situation so that you can create a proposal for decision on next steps
  • You need to follow-up completed or on-going initiatives
  • You would like to increase understanding internally of what is possible and to get inspiration on how to achieve this
  • You need to evaluate the effects of your current initiatives compared to your goals in terms of energy use and/or climate impact
  • You plan to improve the infrastructure in your area with for example more public transport and more cycle lanes. You want to improve the return on these investments
  • Show your citizens/employees what you want to achieve and stimulate them to participate more


The goal of the Institute for Climate Impact Measurement is to be a centre of excellence in promoting climate friendly lifestyle choices by individuals. We support companies, local authorities and other organisations in motivating individuals to participate in their initiatives, to increase engagement and thereby help projects achieve their goals. We promote the behavioural changes necessary to adopt new technology. We are an independent, non-profit organisation.

If we assume that everyone is aware of the climate problem then more information is not the answer. No one sees it as his or her responsibility and it is difficult to know how one can make a contribution – so we need ways to help people understand how they can make a difference. Anthony Giddens describes this problem in his book The Politics of Climate Change, in what he calls the Giddens’s Paradox’:

“since the dangers posed by global warming aren’t tangible, immediate or visible, many will sit on their hands and do nothing of a concrete nature about them. Yet waiting until they become visible and acute before being stirred to serious action will, by definition, be too late”.

ICIM aims to tackle the problem of the Giddens Paradox by making choices actionable and relevant. ICIM provides tools to help us understand the effects of our lifestyle choices on the climate. We provide benchmarks and feedback to encourage climate friendly actions and lifestyles. We aim to increase participation and co-creation.

We believe that the positive reinforcement of climate friendly behaviour, and many small steps by many people will move us in the right direction. We aim to stimulate market forces to provide more products and services that are climate friendly. This is a complement to, and a stimulus for, government action – not an alternative, but a necessary complement to ensure the empowerment of individuals. In any case any central action will be more effective with the active participation of many individuals acting based on their own conscious choice.


Learn more about actions to mitigate the climate challenge from the links below: